DMD Racer Full Face Helmet Grey


Precio habitual €330,00 VAT Included

* Pre-orders available for expedition by February, 2019.

The DMD Cascos Racer has a new and improved design based on the first full face motocross helmets, introduced in 1975. Its shell is made in carbon Kevlar and the design adds full face coverage with extra protection around the nose.

The Racer comes with removable and washable lining, and has a comfortable padded chin strap with Double D-ring closure.

DMD managed to improve the original 1970’s shell design, matching it with all the modern safety standards. They worked very hard on the dimension of the helmet in order to get the smallest homologated shell on the market with a perfect fit and a maximum compactness.

DMD Racer Helmet is ECE and DOT approved. It´s a vintage helmet, perfect for cafe racer style, custom style and classic style. It can be used with different accessories, like goggles and visors. 

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